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季节性, melt-in-your-mouth, freshly baked pastries on sale in the Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy (WHCA) Atrium.


It is first and foremost an educational opportunity for students. Proceeds from pastry sales support the students in the pastry/baking program at 赌钱app可以微信提现.

面包, pastries and desserts are freshly made by students in 赌钱app可以微信提现's pastry/baking certificate program. Supervised by 赌钱app可以微信提现’s lead pastry/baking instructor, Damian Fraase, students are exposed to varied, complex and the more difficult techniques of the pastry/baking repertoire.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce delicious bread, pastries and desserts. Pricing reflects our to intention to cover only costs of ingredients; labor is not calculated in the cost.

What pastries will be available?

The menu will change twice each semester to reflect the seasonality of some of our raw ingredients. 看 赌钱app可以微信提现 Pastry Program 脸谱网 page for the weekly menus.

Pastry items such as chocolate chip cookies, 条状拿, carrot cake and similar products may be available only once during a semester. Each semester you may find a variety of: 

  • 酵母面包
  • 快速面包
  • 馅饼和蛋挞
  • Whole cakes and cake slices
  • 小点心
  • Chocolates and confections
  • 饼干
  • 季节性的糕点
  • Churned and still-frozen dessert items


Special orders are accepted at the discretion of Damian Fraase, Assistant Professor, Pastry/Baking program.